Hotel Yare is located in one of Costa Rica's favorite destinations for visitors from around the world with its breathtaking views, crystal clear turquoise-blue waters and beautiful sandy beaches. Here you will find activities suitable for just about every taste, from scuba diving, surfing, and sea kayaking to bird watching, mountain biking or just walking to the tropical rainforest. Truly a vacation paradise!


The Hotel has 21 rooms total, which 10 of them are fully equipped with kitchen and can accommodate up to 4 people, the rest of the rooms are standard rooms with one or two beds. The total area of the hotel is of 5.500 square meters. There are also with room right on the beach.
They have for your 22 rooms for your rest:

- private bathroom
- hot water
- complete kitchen
- refrigerator
- laundry service
- Parking area
- 24 hours vigilance

The best of this is that you'll have at your disposition beautiful cabins in a Caribbean style, doubles (2 beds) or singles (1 bed); each with its private bathroom and if you also prefer with kitchenette.


Situated in the South Carribe of Costa Rica, Yare offers you a fantasy Caribbean style vacation just 3 hours away from San José.

In Yare you'll enjoy all the attractions of the beach, the sea, the forest and the unique culture of this exotic region. And also in the Hotel Yare Arrecife located on the beach of Punta Uva you can enjoy beautiful sunsets or simple a relaxing ride on a sea kayak.

The exuberant green from the tropical rain forest, complements itself with the flashy colours of different bird species, as toucans, parrots, hummingbirds, etc, all of which you can admire...; between it's pleasant songs you can distinguish monkeys, congos or be aware of the mischief of some mapache and in the Gandoca sector enjoy an unique show: green turtles putting eggs in the sand in June and July.

To enjoy the totally clean sea and its coral reefs you could dive, fish or test your surfing ability in waters known worldwide as excellent for practicing the sport.

Walking or horse backing along the beach or the mountains is like getting into another world, one of great peace where time doesn't matter just living the moment.


In Yaré's restaurant you can taste tipical or foreign foods at any hour during the day; they recommend to you their Chef's special delicious lobster. Bar and restaurant, enjoy the Caribbean taste in a natural and fresh environment.

Ask for their delicious Caribbean salsa! Caribbean music will complement the rest and worry ness; relax and enjoy to your best. Service until 9:00pm.